Best Car Tweeters – Upgrade Your Car Audio System

Best Car Tweeters
Are you looking for an easy way to upgrade your car’s sound system? A set of high-quality car tweeters can make a huge difference in the quality of your music. Tweeters are responsible for reproducing high-frequency sounds and providing clarity and detail to music. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best car tweeters on the market and explain why they’re worth your investment.

Best Car Tweeters – Top 9 Picks

Here are nine of the best car tweeters that can help you enhance your audio system:

Best Overall: DS18 PRO-TW120 Super Bullet Tweeter

DS18 PRO-TW120 Super Bullet Tweeter in Silver 3" Aluminum Frame and Diaphragm 240W Max 120W RMS 4 Ohms Built in Crossover - PRO Tweeters are The Best in The Pro Audio and Voceteo Market (Pair)
  • TOP OF THE LINE TWEETERS - Professional grade super tweeters that can handle high frequencies with ease. DS18 meticulously designed these tweeters to sound as good as they look
  • POWER YOU CAN COUNT ON - PRO-TW120 ferrite DS18 tweeter delivers out-of-this-world power, at 120 watts RMS and 240 watts Max at 4 ohms with build in capacitor filter
  • HIGH-QUALITY ALUMINUM FRAME AND DIAPHRAGM - If you like your highs crisp, bright, and loud, aluminum tweeters are exactly what you need. It's light, strong, and produces a bright sound at high frequencies
  • TAKE YOUR SYSTEM TO THE NEXT LEVEL - Get the most out of your system by upgrading to a super tweeter that gives you everything you're missing from your stock stereo. Discover what a high-end tweeter can do for you
  • 3" SUPER BULLET TWEETERS - Specifically designed Bullet dust cover to protect the voice coil and ensure that the highs cut through road noise and big bass
The DS18 PRO-TW120 Super Bullet Tweeter is a high-quality tweeter designed for professional audio and car audio systems. It is engineered and designed in the US, making it one of the top-of-the-line tweeters in the market. The tweeter has a 1″ aluminum frame and diaphragm that can handle up to 240W peak power and 200W RMS with a 4-ohm impedance. It also has a built-in crossover that helps to deliver loud and accurate sounds at high frequencies. The DS18 PRO-TW120 Super Bullet Tweeter has a frequency response of 2KHz to 20KHz – perfect for those who like their highs loud, bright, and crisp. The overall width of the tweeter is 3.14″/80mm; while its overall depth is 1.96″/50mm. Additionally, an adapter ring is included with an overall width of 3.77″/96mm and a mounting depth with an adapter ring of 1.37″/35mm. Pros:
  • Bullet dust cover
  • Wide frequency response
  • Easy to install
  • No instruction available

Best High-End: Hertz MP 25.3 PRO

HERTZ Mille Pro Series MP-253 Pair of 1" PRO Tweeters with Neodymium Magnets
  • Component: Tweeter
  • Weight: 0.14 lbs
  • Tweeter Diaphragm: 1.14"
  • Magnet: Neodymium
  • Dome/Cone: Tetolon
If you’re looking for the absolute best of the best, the Hertz MP 25.3 PRO Tweeter is the way to go. These tweeters are extremely high-end and offer unparalleled sound quality. The Hertz Mille Pro Series MP-253 is a pair of 1-inch PRO tweeters that feature a 25mm voice coil and Tetolon dome – offering a linear, very wide frequency response. The MP 25.3 tweeters have a peak power handling of 120 W and an impedance of 4 ohms. They also have a sensitivity of 91 dB SPL. The MP 25.3 tweeters feature a “Center Tuning Duct” that is strategically located at the center of the potent neodymium circuit; facilitating the exchange of air between the rear load chamber and the dome; thus, fine-tuning the acoustics to absolute perfection. These tweeters are top-mountable with a depth of 11/16″. They come with an owner’s manual and two MP 25.3 Dome tweeters (with attached 10″ length of speaker wire). Pros:
  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Best for SPL
  • Peak power of 120W
  • Not budget-friendly

Best for Bass: Bass Rockers Super Speakers Tweeters

Bass Rockers Super Speakers Tweeters - 3.5" 300W 8-Ohm - Best for Homes, Cars, Offices Schools & Colleges - Aluminum Pair - Frequency Response: 2000Hz - 20kHz - BRT2D
  • UPPER SOUND RANGE: Tweeters are relatively small speakers that reproduce the "upper" sound range for the reproduction of music and speech, it is called "treble". Because of their design and diaphragm size, woofers and subwoofers cannot produce the same tones as tweeters speakers.
  • FOR HIGH TONES: Twitter car audio reproduces the high tones that occur when listening to music. They bring instruments like brass, guitars, and vocals to life. They are very essential for stereo separation. By listening to the song on speakers tweeters you will feel like the music is coming from all around you.
  • TWO SMALLER TWEETER: Larger tweeters are not necessarily better. The size of the tweeter matters most in the area, where it fits in your car. The experts said the two smaller car tweeters can reproduce the high frequencies a little better and more accurately, while larger tweeters can be a little louder due to which you feel a little bad.
  • CAR TWEETERS TO BE LIGHT: You want that the tweeter speakers to be light so you can move them quickly and easily, and it also keeps their shape accurate and does not distort when the volume is increased. The ability of the horn tweeter is to quickly stop its movement when the music ends and in the meanwhile, the damping is also very important for accurate sound.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Customer satisfaction is our priority and if you face any problem related to our super tweeters for car audio pair products then our internal service team is available here to solve all your problems related to our tweeters home audio products also please write your precious word related to our products in the comment section bar Thank you!
Bass Rockers Super Speakers Tweeters are small speakers that reproduce the “upper” sound range for the reproduction of music and speech, also known as “treble.” They are designed to enhance car audio systems and come in different sizes and power capacities. These tweeters can handle up to 150 watts of power, each with a frequency response of 2KHz-20KHz. Moreover, they have a peak power of 300 watts each. Bass Rockers Super Speakers Tweeters are made of high-quality materials such as die-cast aluminum bodies. They have an impedance of 8 Ohm and can be mounted on cars or other surfaces. Pros:
  • Designed for handling high power levels
  • Natural and balanced sound
  • Wide frequency response
  • Not ideal for mid-range frequencies

Best for Clarity: CT Sounds PRO-4-TWT Super Tweeters

CT Sounds PRO-4-TWT 4" 180 Watt Pro Audio Aluminum Super Tweeters, Pair
  • Speaker type: 4-inch aluminum super tweeters, Impedance per speaker: 4 Ohm, Power per tweeter set: 90W RMS | 180W MAX, Frequency Response: 2 kHz - 20 kHz
  • Professional-grade 4-in super tweeters designed to handle high frequencies with ease
  • Built-in mounted capacitors act as a crossover and protect the bullet tweeters from low-end frequencies
  • Custom engineered bullet phase plug protects the Kapton and round copper wire voice coil ensuring that the highs can be heard over the road noise going 100 mph on the highway
  • The car tweeters feature an aluminum diaphragm that takes the power needed to keep up and maintain crystal clarity
If you want the clearest and most detailed high-frequency sounds possible, the CT Sounds PRO-4-TWT super tweeters are the way to go. These bullet tweeters are of professional-grade quality and are capable of effortlessly managing high frequencies. They are designed using aluminum diaphragms that reproduces, loud, bright, and crisp sounds even at higher frequencies. The tweeters have a power handling capacity of 90W RMS and 180W MAX per set. They have an impedance of 4 Ohms and a frequency response range of 2 kHz – 20 kHz. Pros:
  • Aluminum diaphragm for clarity and precision
  • Wide frequency response
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Might be a little too high

Best for Customization: JBL CLUB750T Tweeter

JBL CLUB750T 3/4" 270W Club Series Edge Driven Balanced Dome Tweeter, Pair
  • Edge driven PEI tweeters
  • High quality product
  • Manufactured in Mexico
If you’re looking for a tweeter that’s easy to customize to your preferences, the JBL CLUB750T tweeter is a great option. It is a 3/4″ edge-driven balanced dome tweeter that delivers natural-sounding highs and enhances sound dispersion. It has a power handling capacity of up to 45 watts RMS per channel and comes with built-in crossover networks. The JBL Club 750T can be flush- or surface-mounted, and it comes with mounting hardware included. It is part of the Club coaxial and the best component speakers series; which are designed to fit in more vehicles thanks to their compact design and high sensitivity for high performance. Each speaker within this series is equipped with a woofer cone that is specifically designed to provide distortion-free sound quality, even in the face of the harsh heat and humidity often found in a car’s environment. These tweeters have a frequency response of 2 kHz to 25 kHz, allowing you to hear every detail in your music. They also include mounting hardware and grilles for easy installation. Pros:
  • Compatible with a wide range of car audio systems
  • Adjustable to produce the sound you want
  • Edge-driven balanced dome design
  • You may require a bass blocker

Best for Easy Installation: KICKER 46CST204 CST20

KICKER 46CST204 CS-Series CST20 .75-inch (20mm) Tweeters with Crossovers, 4-Ohm (Pair)
  • Replace dull factory highs with CS-Series Tweeters.
  • Neodymium magnets and titanium domes reveal every detail of your music – even with a factory audio system.
  • A 6dB/octave inline crossover ensures only the proper frequencies are sent to the drivers, and a built-in poly-switch protector gives you peace of mind at higher volume.
  • Three mounting choices let you create the perfect look in your ride. Getting a custom look to go with your custom sound has never been easier!
The Kicker 46CST204 CST20 is a pair of 0.75-inch tweeters with crossovers. Delivering ultra-clean bass and remarkable performanc; these tweeters use a motor/magnet design along with Extended Voice Coil (EVC) technology for high thermal handling. The neodymium magnets and titanium dome design reveal subtle details in the music. By using the inline crossover; it guarantees that only the correct frequencies are transmitted to the drivers. Additionally, there’s a poly-switch protector integrated into the system which will give you a sense of assurance when playing at higher volumes. The Kicker 46CST204 CST20 comes with a flush, surface, and angled mounting kits included – making it easy to install in any vehicle. These tweeters work best with 50 watts of power. These tweeters are designed to be optimized for installation in any type of vehicle, and are an exceptional addition to any audio system that requires greater precision and authenticity. Moreover, they enable you to hear a wider range of sounds through your speakers. Pros:
  • Easy to install
  • Titanium dome design
  • Budget-friendly option
  • Might be too bright at high-volume levels

Best Budget-Friendly Option: Pioneer TS-T110 7/8-Inch Hard-Dome Tweeter

Pioneer TS-T110 7/8-Inch Hard-Dome Tweeter (Pair)
  • 40 Watts Nominal Power
  • 7/8" PPTA Hard Dome Tweeter
  • Flush and Surface Mounting Capabilities
  • 40 Watts Nominal Power
  • 7/8" PPTA Hard Dome Tweeter
If you’re on a tight budget but still want to upgrade your car’s audio system with a high-quality tweeter, The Pioneer TS-T110 is an excellent pick for you. These tweeters come equipped with a fluid-cooled PPTA dome diaphragm, designed to handle high power. PPTA is a type of poly material that is one of the most lightweight and responsive materials for speaker, and has high inner characteristics that lead to effective damping of resonance. The TS-T110 tweeters have a frequency response of 2500-30,000 Hz and an impedance of 4 ohms. They can handle up to 40 watts RMS and 120 watts max power. The sensitivity of the tweeters is 90 dB at 1W/1m. They also include 7,000 Hz high-pass in-line crossovers (6dB/octave). The mounting depth of the tweeters is 3/4 inches, and the cutout diameter or length is 2 1/16 inches. Pros:
  • Affordable option
  • PPTA-dome design
  • Wide frequency response
  • Might be a little too bright

Best for High Power Handling: Rockford Fosgate Prime R1T-S

Rockford Fosgate R1T-S Prime 1" Tweeter Kit (Pair)
  • The Prime R1T-S is a 1” tweeter kit featuring a 0.5” voice coil and mylar dome, allowing you to easily add on additional highs with natural sound reproduction
  • The R1T-S 4-Ohm black tweeters come as a pair, with a power handling of 40 Watts RMS/80 Watts Max and include integrated high-pass crossovers
  • This low distortion material allows accurate reproduction of high frequencies for an open sound stage
  • Multiple tweeter mounting configurations allows for you to choose between flush, surface and angle configurations (Tweeter Mounting Depth: 0.76" Flush Mount / 1.06" Surface-Angle Mount
  • Famous Rockford Fosgate build quality with a full 1-year warranty
If you want a tweeter that can handle high power levels without distortion, The Rockford Fosgate R1T-S 1-inch tweeter is for you. It is a dedicated tweeter system that offers accurate recreation of higher frequencies. The R1T-S Prime 1-inch Tweeter Kit is engineered to offer versatility, as it can be mounted in various configurations; such as angled, surface, or flush installations. Furthermore, you can adjust the angle of the tweeter after it has been installed into any of the provided mounts. The kit comes with flush- and surface-mount hardware included. These tweeters are equipped with a Mylar-balanced dome design, guaranteeing a broad dispersion of sound and clear representation of soundstage details. They are rated at 40 watts RMS and have a sensitivity of 72.5 dB. The kit also includes high-pass, built-in filters that ensure a smooth response, reproducing highs faithfully without grating on your ears. Pros:
  • Designed for high-power handling
  • Mylar-balanced dome design
  • Wide frequency response
  • A little tricky to install

Best for Higher Frequencies: Pioneer TS-B350PRO

Pioneer TS-B350PRO 3-1/2" High Efficiency PRO Series Bullet Car Tweeter
  • Item Package Dimension:6.604 centimeters L x10.16 centimeters W x19.812 centimeters H
  • Item Package Weight:1.474 kilograms
  • Country of Origin: China
  • In-line crossover filter Aggressive magnet structure Surface mountable design
The Pioneer TS-B350PRO is a 3.5-inch bullet tweeter designed for high sensitivity and high power handling. It boasts an aluminum chassis that supports a titanium diaphragm – coupled with powerful motor assemblies and magnets to deliver sharp, high-volume, and distinct frequencies, capable of handling a maximum power of up to 250 watts. The tweeter has a sensitivity of 100 dB and can handle a nominal power output of 100 watts per tweeter. The Pioneer TS-B350PRO is an upgrade to stock car tweeters, delivering high frequencies at high volume levels with very low noise. Its impressive motor assembly results in a loud and crisp high-frequency production, while its aluminum die-cast chassis gives the tweeter durability to last for a long time after years of use. The Pioneer TS-B350PRO is part of the Pioneer Reference for Open Show (P.R.O.) series; which is specifically created for individuals aiming to generate significant sound pressure levels. This series of speakers is designed to cater to street enthusiasts. Pros:
  • Compatible with high frequencies
  • Titanium diaphragm
  • Wide frequency response
  • Difficult to Install

Can I Use Car Tweeters with My 6.5 Speakers in My Car’s Audio System?

When considering the compatibility of car audio systems, one common question is whether car tweeters can be used with 6.5 speakers. It is possible to use car tweeters in conjunction with 6.5 speakers in your car’s audio system. However, it is essential to ensure that the power handling and impedance of both components are compatible to prevent any signal distortion or damage to the system.

Things to Consider While Buying a Car Tweeter

When it comes to buying a car tweeter, there are a few important things to consider to ensure that you get the best sound quality possible. Here are some factors to keep in mind:


Tweeters come in various sizes – typically ranging from 1 inch to 4 inches in diameter. It is important to choose a tweeter that is the right size for your car’s audio system to ensure proper fit and compatibility.


There are different types of tweeters available in the market, including dome, ribbon, and planar magnetic tweeters. Each type has its unique sound characteristics, so it’s important to know what types are available before choosing the best one for your needs.

Power Handling

Tweeters can only handle a fraction of the power that’s sent to mid-range speakers and subs. It is important to choose a tweeter with a power handling rating that is compatible with your car’s audio system to avoid damaging the tweeter or the rest of the audio system.


The sensitivity rating is a crucial factor to consider when selecting a tweeter, as it indicates how efficiently your device can convert watts (power) into decibels (volume). The greater the sensitivity, the louder a tweeter will be.


Tweeters can be made from a variety of materials, including silk, aluminum, and titanium. Each material has its own unique sound characteristics, so you must choose a material that matches your personal preferences.


Tweeters can be installed in various locations in a car, including the dashboard, door panels, or A-pillars. You should select a variation that can be installed in a location that is optimal for sound quality and aesthetics.


Upgrading your car’s audio system with a high-quality tweeter can make a significant difference in the sound quality of your music. Whether you prioritize clarity, bass, customization, or ease of installation, there’s a tweeter out there that will meet your needs. Remember to consider your priorities and budget when choosing a tweeter, and always make sure to install it properly for the best sound quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install a car tweeter myself?

Yes, you can install a car tweeter yourself. That being said, if you are not comfortable working with car audio systems, it is recommended to have a professional install the tweeter for you.

Can I use any tweeter with my car’s audio system?

No, not all tweeters are compatible with every car’s audio system. It’s important to ensure that the tweeter you choose is compatible with your car audio system before purchasing it.

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