Will Carmax Buy High Mileage Cars?

My Experience Selling A High Mileage Car To CarMax

As an avid car enthusiast, I understand the emotional attachment that comes with owning a car, especially one that has been with you for several years. However, sometimes circumstances such as financial constraints, or the need for an upgrade warrant the need to sell off your cherished car. That’s where CarMax comes in.

I recently found myself in a position where I needed to sell my trusty car, which had covered over 120,000 miles. I did a bit of research and stumbled upon CarMax, a reputed dealership that buys used cars. At first, I was quite skeptical. Would they really consider my high mileage car? Would they give me a fair price for it? I decided to give it a shot, and I can honestly say that I was not disappointed with the experience.

How CarMax Evaluates High Mileage Cars

One of the things I appreciated about CarMax was their transparent valuation process. When I arrived at the dealership, an associate greeted me and walked me through the appraisal process. They went through a series of checks to assess the condition of my car, including:

  • An inspection of the exterior for any damages such as dents or scratches.
  • An evaluation of the vehicle’s interior to check for wear and tear including any stains, ripped seats, or damaged panels.
  • A test drive to check for any mechanical issues or noises.

Based on the appraisal, CarMax gave me a cash offer for my car. While the appraisal process is thorough, don’t expect to get top dollar for your high mileage car. CarMax is, after all, a dealership, and they need to make a profit when they resell a vehicle for auction or parts.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Selling A High Mileage Car To CarMax

If you’re considering selling your high mileage car to CarMax, it’s essential to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of doing so.


  • Quick and easy sale process: CarMax’s appraisal process is straightforward and can be completed within an hour.
  • Fair and transparent pricing: CarMax offers a no-haggle pricing policy. You’ll know what you’ll be getting for your car upfront.
  • No obligation to buy: If you’re not happy with the offer, there’s no obligation to sell your car to CarMax.
  • Flexibility: CarMax offers options for how you can receive your payment including check, cash, or electronic transfer.


  • Lower offers: CarMax’s pricing, like any dealership, is geared towards profit. Be prepared to receive an offer lower than what you may have expected.
  • May not accept all vehicles: CarMax only buys cars that meet their standards, including cars with high mileage, that may not make the cut.

How To Prepare Your High Mileage Car For CarMax Appraisal

To increase your vehicle’s appraisal value, it’s essential to ensure that it’s in top condition. Here’s a checklist of what you should do before taking your car to CarMax for appraisal:

  • Clean the car inside and out.
  • Fix any minor damages such as scratches or dents.
  • Replace worn or damaged tires.
  • Replace any broken or damaged lights and mirrors.
  • Have your car maintenance up to date, including oil changes, tire rotations, and any other necessary repairs.

Tips For Negotiating The Best Price For Your High Mileage Car At CarMax

While CarMax’s offer may be final, there’s always room for negotiation. Here are some tips on how to negotiate the best price for your high mileage car:

  • Do your research: Look up your car’s value on websites like Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds to get an idea of what it’s worth.
  • Be honest: Disclose any damages or issues with your car upfront.
  • Highlight the car’s features: If your car has any standout features like GPS or a high-end sound system, mention them to the associate.
  • Consider multiple appraisals: If you’ve received an offer from your local CarMax, consider getting one from another location to potentially get a better offer.

What Else Can You Do With Your High Mileage Car Besides Selling It To CarMax?

Selling your car to CarMax isn’t the only option for getting rid of your high mileage vehicle. Here are some other options to consider:

  • Sell it privately: By selling your car privately, you can potentially get a higher price than what CarMax can offer you.
  • Trade-in: If you’re in the market for a new car, consider trading in your high mileage car instead of selling it outright. Dealerships may not offer as much as CarMax, but it can be a convenient way to offset the cost of your new car.
  • Donate it: If you’re feeling charitable, consider donating your high mileage car to an organization in need. You may even qualify for a tax deduction.

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling High Mileage Cars To CarMax

Q: What is the highest mileage car CarMax will buy?

A: CarMax buys cars with high mileage, but there is no specific mileage limit. It depends on the car’s make, model, and overall condition.

Q: Do I need to bring any documents to the CarMax appraisal?

A: Yes, you’ll need to bring your car title or payoff information and a valid driver’s license.

Q: Does CarMax offer financing for buyers of my high mileage car?

A: Yes, CarMax offers financing to potential buyers of your car.

Conclusion: Selling High Mileage Cars To CarMax Is Possible And Worth Considering

While CarMax may not offer top dollar for your high mileage car, it’s a convenient and hassle-free way to sell off your vehicle. As you consider your options, remember to prepare your vehicle in top condition, do your research, and negotiate. Whether you sell your car to CarMax or explore other options, selling your car can be a great way to make room for something new.

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