Why Corolla Is Discontinued?

My Experience with Corolla and its Discontinuation

As a car blogger and enthusiast, I have had the privilege of driving several high-performance vehicles. However, the Toyota Corolla Altis has a special place in my heart. It was fuel-efficient, spacious, and had a sleek design. It was the go-to sedan for many families in India. I remember the first time I drove the Corolla Altis, I was extremely impressed with its smooth ride, comfortable seating, and advanced features. So, when I heard that Toyota was discontinuing this beautiful car, I was shocked.

Toyota Pulling the Plug on Corolla Altis

The news of Toyota discontinuing the Corolla Altis came as a surprise to many car enthusiasts, including myself. The Corolla Altis had been a staple in the Indian car market for over a decade. However, as the competition increased and market trends shifted, Toyota had to take this tough decision. It was a sad moment for me and many other people who had grown to love this car. I still remember the numerous road trips I took with friends and family in a Corolla Altis. Its durable engine and reliable performance made it one of the most popular sedans in the market.

The Etios Series Being Discontinued

The Toyota Etios series was another popular car in the Indian market. It was affordable, reliable, and had a spacious cabin. However, Toyota had to discontinue this series as well due to similar reasons as it did for the Corolla Altis. The market trends had shifted, and consumers now demanded more advanced features and modern designs. The Etios series did not meet these demands, and it was time for Toyota to move on from it.

Reasons for Corolla Altis and Etios Series Discontinuation

There were several reasons why Toyota had to discontinue the Corolla Altis and Etios series. The main reason was the increase in competition in the market. With the entry of new car manufacturers and the introduction of modern sedans with advanced features, Toyota had to compete with these new models. Secondly, the market trends had changed. Consumers demanded more advanced features, such as touchscreen infotainment systems and state-of-the-art safety features. The Corolla Altis and Etios series were outdated in this sense and could not meet the needs of modern-day car buyers.

Another major reason for the discontinuation was the implementation of the new BS6 emission standards. The older models of the Corolla Altis and Etios series could not be modified to meet these standards. Toyota did not want to compromise on the quality of its cars, and retrofitting the older models would have been both costly and time-consuming. Therefore, discontinuing the older models and focusing on newer models that met the BS6 emission standards was a more feasible option.

BS6 Emission Standards: What Are They?

BS6 stands for Bharat Stage 6, which is the latest and strictest emission standard introduced by the Indian government. These standards put a limit on the pollutants emitted by the vehicles. The BS6 emission standards are more stringent than the previous BS4 standards, and all automobile manufacturers in India have to comply with them. The main objective of these standards is to reduce the amount of air pollution caused by the vehicles in India.

Impact of BS6 Standards on Corolla and Etios Series

The implementation of BS6 emission standards played a crucial role in the discontinuation of the Corolla Altis and Etios series. These cars did not meet the BS6 emission standards and could not be modified to comply with them. With the implementation of stricter emission standards, Toyota had to focus on developing newer models that would meet these standards. The older models could have caused air pollution, which would have detrimental effects on the environment. Therefore, discontinuing them was a more practical option than retrofitting them.

Toyota’s Plans for Replacing the Corolla Altis

Toyota has already unveiled the new model of the Corolla Altis, which will replace the older version. The new Corolla Altis has a sleek design, state-of-the-art technology, and advanced features that meet the BS6 emission standards. Toyota did not compromise on quality as they wanted to offer car buyers the best possible car. The new Corolla Altis is expected to make its debut in the Indian market soon, and I am excited to get behind the wheel and experience the new and improved version.


The discontinuation of the Corolla Altis and Etios series was a tough decision for Toyota, but a necessary one, considering the market demands and the BS6 emission standards. Toyota had to focus on developing newer models that met these new standards and had advanced features that car buyers demanded. The older models of the Corolla Altis and Etios series will be missed, but the arrival of new and improved models will definitely make up for their absence. As a car enthusiast and blogger, I am excited to see what the future holds for Toyota and the Indian car market.

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