What Vehicle Do Most Millionaires Drive?

What Vehicle Do Most Millionaires Drive?

Surprising Findings from Experian Automotive’s Study

It’s a common belief that millionaires drive luxury cars, but a 2022 study by Experian Automotive has shown otherwise. The study reveals that more than half of the US population with household earnings of more than $150,000 own non-luxury vehicles. It’s a shock because people often associate wealth with fancy cars. The study also shows another surprise: households that earn less than $50,000 tend to own newer cars than those who have a higher income.

Millionaires and Their Choice of Vehicles

The stereotype that the wealthy drive luxury cars is not always true. In fact, many millionaires choose practicality over luxury. They may use their income for investing in stocks, real estate, businesses, or philanthropy, rather than buying an expensive car. Others may own a luxury car, but they may also have a non-luxury car for everyday use. Some millionaires also avoid luxury cars because they prefer low-profile vehicles to avoid unwanted attention.

Common Car Brands among High-Income Earners

Despite the myth that millionaires prefer luxury cars, non-luxury vehicles are the most common car brands among high-income earners. These brands include:

  • Toyota
  • Ford
  • Honda
  • Chevrolet
  • Nissan
  • Jeep

These car brands remain popular for their reliability, affordability, and practicality. Many high-income earners prefer spending their income on things that give them long-term benefits, rather than on luxury cars that depreciate in value over time.

The reason why luxury brands are not popular among millionaires can be attributed to a few factors. One is the perception that luxury cars are expensive to maintain, and repairs can cost a fortune. Luxury vehicles are also known to have high insurance premiums and lower fuel efficiency, which can add up to the cost of ownership. Additionally, luxury cars tend to depreciate faster than non-luxury cars, which can be a financial disadvantage to many high-income earners who are looking for long-term investments.

Other Studies and Their Similar Results

Experian Automotive’s findings are not unique. Other studies have also shown that many millionaires prefer non-luxury cars. In 2018, a survey by UBS found that the most popular car brand among millionaires was Toyota, followed by BMW and Honda. The survey revealed that millionaires were more interested in the vehicles’ features and reliability rather than their luxury brand. Another study by Phoenix Marketing International in 2019 showed that the top three car brands owned by high-income households were Toyota, Ford, and Chevrolet.

The Perception versus Reality of Millionaires and Cars

The idea that millionaires drive luxury cars is a perception that has been perpetuated by media and popular culture. In reality, many millionaires are just like us, preferring practicality over luxury. They choose to drive non-luxury cars because they want good value for their money and long-term benefits.

In conclusion, the study by Experian Automotive has revealed that the belief that millionaires exclusively drive luxury cars is a myth. Millionaires prefer cars that offer reliability, practicality, and good value for their money. They often make purchasing decisions based on long-term benefits rather than fleeting luxury. The perception of millionaires and their choice of cars needs to be revised to reflect this new reality.

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