What Month Is It Best To Buy A Car?

The Best Season for Car Shopping

As someone who has been in the car industry for several years, I am often asked by friends and family members when the best time to buy a car is. Without a doubt, my answer is always the same – October, November, and December. These months are the most favorable for car shopping, and there are several reasons for this.

Understanding Sales Quotas for Car Dealerships

To understand why these months are the best for car shopping, it’s important to understand how car dealerships operate. Dealerships have sales quotas that are broken down into annual and quarterly sales targets. The three quarterly goals – April through June, July through September, and October through December – are crucial to dealerships to achieve their annual goals.

How Year-End Goals Affect Car Sales

As the year comes to a close, car dealerships are under immense pressure to hit their sales targets. And while they may have had a good year to date, they know that they need to make the most of the last quarter of the year to hit their targets. This is where the advantage lies for car shoppers. With dealerships eager to hit their end-of-year sales targets, they offer attractive discounts and promotions to entice buyers.

Advantages of Car Shopping in October

October is a great month for car shopping for several reasons. First and foremost, dealerships are looking to close out the quarter strongly, and buyers can take advantage of this by negotiating better prices. Moreover, car manufacturers start releasing the new models around this time and offer incentives to move the old models from their lots. Additionally, October marks the start of the colder months of the year, meaning that fewer people are in the market for a new car, making it an ideal time to shop.

Benefits of Buying a Car in November

If you’re not able to find what you’re looking for in October, November is another good month to shop for a car. Thanksgiving weekend is a popular shopping weekend across the US, and car dealerships offer generous discounts and promotions to attract shoppers. Moreover, Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals extend to car purchases, and buyers can score great deals on new cars during this time.

Why December is the Ideal Time to Purchase a Car

December is by far the best month to buy a car. Dealerships are under the most pressure to hit their end-of-year targets, and buyers can capitalize on this pressure by negotiating a better price. In addition to attractive discounts, car manufacturers also offer incentives to dealerships for hitting their targets, which means that dealerships can pass on further discounts to buyers.

Tips for Navigating Year-End Car Sales Events

While year-end car sales events can offer great deals, it’s important to approach them with caution. Here are some tips for navigating year-end car sales events:
– Do your research beforehand and know what you’re looking for
– Be willing to negotiate, and don’t be afraid to walk away if you’re not getting a good deal
– Be aware of the financing terms and interest rates being offered
– Consider taking advantage of manufacturer warranties and maintenance plans
– Take the time to read and understand the purchase contract before signing.

In conclusion, if you’re in the market for a new car, I highly recommend shopping in the months of October, November, and December. Dealerships are under pressure to make end-of-year sales targets, and this means attractive discounts and promotions for buyers. Remember to approach year-end car sales events with caution and always do your research before making a purchase.

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