What Is The Most Popular Car Dealership In America?

As an avid car enthusiast and blogger, I’ve had the opportunity to visit various dealerships across the United States. So, it’s no surprise that I’ve come across the most popular dealerships in America. The 2020 ranking of the top 150 dealerships located within the United States by Automotive News puts AutoNation Inc., Penske Automotive Group Inc., and Lithia Motors Inc. on the podium once again, with Hendrick Automotive Group and Sonic Automotive Inc. rounding out the top 5. In this article, I’ll be sharing my experiences with each of these automotive giants.

AutoNation Inc.: My Impression of the #1 Dealership

AutoNation Inc. has topped the charts for the fifth consecutive year, demonstrating consistency in the automotive industry. What sets AutoNation Inc. apart from other dealerships is its consumer-centric approach. They have an extensive range of new and used vehicles with a no-haggle approach to pricing which adds to their credibility. The dealership has a team of experienced professionals who are always willing to go the extra mile to provide maximum satisfaction to their customers. What impressed me the most about AutoNation Inc. is their commitment to a sustainable future. In addition to selling electric vehicles, they have incorporated eco-friendly practices to minimize their carbon footprint, such as recycling and reducing water usage.

Key Point: AutoNation Inc. is the epitome of consistency in the automotive industry, with a consumer-centric approach and a commitment to the environment.

Penske Automotive Group Inc.: How They Maintain Their Rank

Penske Automotive Group Inc. has held onto its second place ranking for the past five years. The key to their success is their ability to keep up with the evolving trends of the automotive industry. With their vast range of luxury brands, such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche, they continue to attract customers who want to indulge in premium car buying experiences. Additionally, their acquisition of dealerships worldwide has allowed them to expand their customer base beyond the United States. At Penske Automotive Group Inc., customer satisfaction is a top priority. Every showroom is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and knowledgeable professionals. They understand that buying a car can be a daunting process, and they have streamlined their customer service to ensure that the buying experience is as smooth as possible.

Key Point: Penske Automotive Group Inc. remains at the top of their game through their ability to adapt to industry trends while ensuring customer satisfaction.

Lithia Motors Inc.: My Favorite Brand at the #3 Dealership

As an enthusiast of American muscle cars, visiting Lithia Motors Inc. was a dream come true. The dealership has a vast range of imported and domestic vehicles, but what caught my attention was their impressive lineup of Chevrolet Camaros, Dodge Challengers, and Ford Mustangs. Lithia Motors Inc. has established a reputation for being an expert in the automotive industry through their vast knowledge of all brands and models. Their salesmen are extremely friendly and knowledgeable, ensuring that customers get the right car for their lifestyle and budget. They also offer excellent after-sales services such as routine maintenance and warranty repair work.

Key Point: Lithia Motors Inc. is a one-stop-shop for those who need guidance on which model to choose or for anyone who wants to indulge in American muscle cars.

Hendrick Automotive Group: Their Rise to the Top 5

Hendrick Automotive Group’s rise to the top 5 is a testament to their unwavering commitment to their customers. The dealership has over 100 locations across the United States, making them easily accessible to customers across the nation. Hendrick Automotive Group offers a transparent and no-pressure approach to car buying, which has earned them a loyal customer base. Customer reviews raved about their efficient and friendly services, making them a top choice for repeat buyers. What impressed me the most about Hendrick Automotive Group was their community involvement. They support local charities through financial donations and volunteer work. This shows that they genuinely care about their community and are dedicated to making a positive impact.

Key Point: Hendrick Automotive Group’s rapid rise to the top 5 is due to their customer-centric approach and their dedication to the community.

Sonic Automotive Inc.: Why They Are a Contender

Sonic Automotive Inc. may be in the bottom half of the top 5; however, they are still a formidable force in the industry. The key to Sonic Automotive Inc.’s success is their innovative approach to automotive sales. They have integrated technology in their sales process, such as their online car buying platform that streamlines the buying process for customers. Additionally, they offer a range of after-sales services, including maintenance and repairs, and express services for busy customers. They understand that time is a valuable commodity and strive to ensure that their customers’ experience is as time-efficient as possible. What sets Sonic Automotive Inc. apart from others on this list is their “One Sonic-One Experience” philosophy, which creates a consistent car buying experience in every showroom.

Key Point: Sonic Automotive Inc. is a contender because of their innovative approach to automotive sales and their time-efficient services.

Conclusion: What Makes These Dealerships So Successful

In conclusion, the reason for the success of these five dealerships is their ability to provide excellent customer service while keeping up with industry trends. AutoNation Inc. leads the way by being a sustainable and consumer-centric dealership. Penske Automotive Group Inc. maintains their ranking through their ability to adapt to industry trends while ensuring customer satisfaction. Lithia Motors Inc. has it all, a wide range of vehicles, expert knowledge, and an American muscle car enthusiast’s dream come true. Hendrick Automotive Group’s dedication to transparency and community involvement has earned them a loyal customer base. Lastly, Sonic Automotive Inc. stands out because of their innovative approach to automotive sales and time-efficient services. Overall, these dealerships have consistently delivered excellence, which is what keeps them at the top of their game.

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