What Is The #1 American-Made Car?

Introduction to the American-Made Index

As a car blogger, I am often asked about the best car options available in the market. One question that pops up frequently is “Which is the most American-made car?” It’s a valid question that requires detailed information to answer accurately. Luckily, we have the American-Made Index to help us understand the American-made cars available in the market.

The American-Made Index is an annual report compiled by Cars.com that evaluates the American-made vehicles available in the market. The report takes into account five factors that determine a car’s American-made status: assembly location, origins of parts, engine origins, transmission origins, and manufacturing workforce. Each of these factors is weighed differently to determine a car’s ranking on the list.

The report’s primary goal is to help customers make informed decisions about buying cars made in the USA. With that in mind, the 2022 American-Made Index ranks the Tesla Model Y SUV as the most American-made car in the market today. Let’s explore the factors that led to Tesla Model Y SUV’s top ranking.

Criteria for evaluating American-made cars

Before diving into what makes the Tesla Model Y SUV the most American-made car in the market, it’s essential to understand the criteria used to evaluate American-made cars. Here are the five factors that the Cars.com American-Made Index considers:

Assembly Location: The location where the car is assembled is a crucial factor in determining its American-made status. The state where a car is assembled is used to assign points.

Origins of Parts: The percentage of parts that come from the USA is another vital factor for American-made vehicles. The higher the percentage of parts sourced from the USA, the more points the car gets.

Engine Origins: The country where the car’s engine is manufactured is also a crucial factor in determining its American-made status. Cars.com considers a vehicle’s engine to come from the US if assembly of the final vehicle and the car’s engine is in the USA.

Transmission Origins: Like engine origins, where a car’s transmission is made is also a major determinant of its American-made status. As with engine origins, the transmission has to be assembled in the USA for points to apply.

Manufacturing Workforce: Finally, the Cars.com American-Made Index considers the manufacturing workforce’s size in the US to determine a car’s American-made ranking.

Tesla Model Y SUV’s unique American manufacturing capabilities

With American-made rankings in mind, let’s examine why the Tesla Model Y SUV tops a list of American-made vehicles. The Tesla Model Y SUV has several features that distinguish it from other American-made cars.

The Tesla Model Y SUV’s unique American manufacturing capabilities result from the company’s focus on vertical integration. The company has significant control over its manufacturing process, from producing batteries to manufacturing cars. This capability allows Tesla to reduce costs and make cars in-house in the US.

Furthermore, the company’s assembly location, the Fremont Factory in California, is a significant factor that contributed to the Tesla Model Y SUV’s top ranking. The Fremont Factory employs more than 10,000 workers, its single location for designing, engineering and manufacturing, allowing the car to score well in the manufacturing workforce factor.

Benefits of purchasing an American-made car

When customers purchase American-made vehicles, they contribute to the growth of the domestic economy. Here are some benefits of buying an American-made car:

Support for the US auto industry
Buying an American-made car directly supports the US auto industry. This contribution leads to the creation of jobs, income for US manufacturing workers, and boosts the country’s GDP.

Reduced carbon footprint
Purchasing a car that is made in America reduces the carbon footprint because the car doesn’t have to travel a long distance to get to the showroom. This reduction in emissions is beneficial to the environment.

Higher quality
American-made vehicles often have a higher build quality than foreign-made cars. This is because auto manufacturers in the USA prioritize quality over quantity.

Tesla Model Y SUV’s top features and specifications

Now that we’ve established that the Tesla Model Y SUV is the most American-made car available in the US let’s explore the features that make this car special.

Performance: The Tesla Model Y SUV is one of the most powerful electric SUVs available in the market today. It has an impressive range of around 326 miles on a single charge, making it ideal for long-distance commutes.

Technology: Tesla has incorporated state-of-the-art technology into the Model Y SUV, making it a joy to drive. Features like adaptive suspension, advanced traction control systems, and an infotainment system with over-the-air updates make this car a pleasure to drive.

Safety: The Tesla Model Y SUV is one of the safest cars in production today. It has a five-star safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The car features multiple airbags, rearview camera, and an advanced driver assistance system that includes features like auto emergency braking, automatic lane departure warning and lane keeping.

Test driving the Tesla Model Y SUV

Test driving the Tesla Model Y SUV is an experience that every car enthusiast should have. The vehicle’s power and handling are exhilarating. The car is easy to maneuver and has excellent road handling capabilities. Additionally, the car’s advanced technology lets drivers personalize the driving experience.

Pros and cons of owning a Tesla Model Y SUV

Like any car, the Tesla Model Y SUV has its share of pros and cons. Here are a few of them:

– Superior performance
– Advanced technology features
– High safety rating

– High initial cost compared to traditional SUVs
– Limited charging options
– Questionable build quality

Verdict: Why the Tesla Model Y SUV is the #1 American-made car

The Cars.com American-Made Index relies on several factors that determine a vehicle’s American-made status. These factors include assembly location, origins of parts, engine origins, transmission origins, and manufacturing workforce.

From the above examination of the Tesla Model Y SUV, it’s evident that the car is manufactured in the USA, uses a high percentage of parts made in the USA, and employs a large domestic workforce. Additionally, the car has excellent performance, advanced technology features, and superior safety ratings.

Overall, the Tesla Model Y SUV is the best American-made car that offers an excellent ownership experience, top-notch performance, and advanced safety and technology features.

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