What Car Manufacturer Has The Most Lawsuits?

As a car blogger, I have spent years following the ins and outs of the automotive industry. And when it comes to automakers with a significant number of lawsuits, it is hard to look past General Motors (GM). From faulty products to liability issues, GM has been involved in numerous legal battles throughout its history. In this article, I will delve into the reasons behind GM’s legal troubles and the impact these lawsuits have had on the company’s reputation.

GM’s history of faulty products

GM has a long history of manufacturing cars with defective parts. In 2014, GM initiated the biggest auto recall in U.S history due to faulty ignition switches in certain models that caused the airbags to fail. This led to at least 124 deaths and hundreds injured. However, faulty ignition switches were not a new issue for GM. In 1981, GM was found to have knowingly used faulty ignition switches that could cause fires and shut down engines. It later paid a hefty fine for that, and the issue persisted.

Other notable examples of GM’s faulty products include the 1973 Chevrolet Malibu, whose gas tanks exploded in rear-end collisions, and the 1997-2004 Chevrolet Corvette, which had defective engine components that caused them to fail. These incidents have led to numerous lawsuits against GM, and the automaker has paid out billions of dollars in settlements and fines.

The ignition switch controversy

The controversy surrounding GM’s faulty ignition switches has been one of the biggest legal battles the company has faced. It was found that GM had known about the defect for over a decade before they initiated the recall. The faulty ignition switch could inadvertently switch off the engine and disable the airbags, causing deadly accidents. The controversy led to the resignation of the GM CEO, Mary Barra, and the Department of Justice required GM to pay a $900 million fine for concealing the defect.

Some notable points are:

  • The faulty ignition switch was used in several GM models, including the Chevrolet Cobalt and Saturn Ion
  • The recall affected millions of vehicles worldwide
  • GM’s delay in fixing the issue was responsible for hundreds of deaths and injuries

The impact of GM’s recalls

GM’s recalls have not only affected the company’s finances, but also its reputation. The automaker’s management has been criticized for failing to take responsibility for its actions and hiding defects from the public. The recalls have also affected customer loyalty, as some consumers have lost faith in GM’s ability to produce safe and reliable cars.

Moreover, the recalls have had a considerable impact on the automotive industry as a whole. They led to changes in regulations governing auto recalls, increased scrutiny of automotive safety by regulators, and heightened awareness among consumers about the importance of safety in vehicles.

In addition to the ignition switch controversy, GM has also been embroiled in lawsuits related to faulty airbags. Like other automakers, GM used Takata airbags, which subsequently were found to be defective and could explode, causing serious injury or death. In 2020, GM settled a lawsuit with the U.S. government over defective Takata airbags installed in its vehicles for $5.9 million. The lawsuit covered about six million GM vehicles.

Liability issues for accidents involving GM cars

GM has faced several lawsuits related to accidents involving its cars. In some cases, the accidents were caused by faulty parts, while in others, the accidents were due to driver error. However, regardless of the cause, GM has been held liable for accidents involving its cars.

One notable case involved a GM car that caught fire after a rear-end collision, causing severe burns to the driver. The car had a faulty fuel system, and GM was held responsible for the damages caused by the accident. In another case, GM was sued for injuries caused by the airbags in one of its cars that failed to deploy during an accident.

Class action lawsuits filed against GM

Several class action lawsuits have been filed against GM, including those related to its faulty ignition switches and airbags. These lawsuits allow individuals to join together to seek compensation for injuries or damages caused by the automaker’s faulty products.

In conclusion, GM has a history of manufacturing cars with faulty parts that have resulted in numerous lawsuits. The ignition switch controversy, faulty airbags, liability issues, and class action lawsuits have all contributed to GM’s legal woes. These lawsuits have not only hurt the company financially, but also its reputation and customer loyalty. As an automotive enthusiast, it is crucial for automakers to prioritize safety and consumer well-being to ensure they produce cars that are both safe and reliable.

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